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1.  Permitted Use of GIACC Materials.

Contents and materials present on the GIACC South Africa website and on that of the GIACC Center (the "GIACC Materials") may be indicated, reproduced, published, copied, adapted, linked to another website or otherwise used at no cost and without our permission under the following conditions:

  • You can copy, adapt and use GIACC materials to assist the organization or project in which you are involved, implement or improve the anti-corruption program, provide anti-corruption training. If you are a consultant who is supporting an organization in implementing or improving an anti-corruption program or providing training, you can use the GIACC Materials by indicating to your client the origin of the GIACC materials, without any financial burden to the customer for the GIACC materials.
  • You can provide links from your website to the GIACC South Africa and GIACC Center website. You may refer to the GIACC Materials on its website or in a written publication, with links to the GIACC South Africa or GIACC Center website. It is necessary, appropriately, to mention GIACC as the source of the GIACC Materials used.

 2.  Prohibited Use of GIACC Materials.

You may not republish the GIACC material in its entirety on a public website or in a written publication designed for public use, except for short extracts of the GIACC Materials which are clearly identified as coming from the GIACC website, with a link to the relevant page. web GIACC South Africa or GIACC Center. You may not sell, or pay for the use of any GIACC material.

 3.  Doubts About Permitted Use.

If in doubt about what is allowed or not, please contact GIACC South Africa.

 4.  Links to other websites.

The above applies only to the use of GIACC materials. We provide links to other websites for informational purposes only. We have no influence or control over these other websites. If you link to another website from this site, you are subject to the policies of the new website, including those on privacy, copyright, safety and quality policies. In particular: we are not responsible for the information contained in a linked website; we do not endorse linked websites, their content, the views they express, or the products / services offered, unless explicitly stated; we are unable to authorize the use of materials contained in linked sites.

 5.  Disclaimer.

GIACC South Africa and GIACC Center provide the GIACC Materials free of charge as a public service, in an effort to help in the prevention and detection of corruption around the world. While using all reasonable efforts to ensure that GIACC materials are as accurate as possible, we make no representations as to their accuracy, completeness or suitability. GIACC, its administrators and officers, and the authors of the GIACC Materials expressly disclaim any liability for any errors or omissions in the GIACC materials, for the content of any linked website, for any consequences resulting from the use of the GIACC Materials or any site linked web, for any loss or damage caused by any computer virus.

 6.  Legal advice.

The GIACC Materials are not intended to provide legal advice to any individual or organization. You are advised to consult your legal counsel before taking any action based on the GIACC materials or any linked website.

 7.  Errors.

We will use all reasonable efforts to detect and correct any errors in the GIACC Materials brought to our attention. If you find errors, please contact GIACC South Africa or GIACC directly.